Upgraded Anti Spy RF Detector Bug Detector, Wireless Camera Finder Scanner, GPS Tracker Detector, Find and Locate Eavesdropping Device AI...

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EASY TO USE : The design of the Bug Detector is lightweight, and you can easily manipulate it through just a few keys. The special filter can be used to scan the invisible wired or wireless camera that is hidden. When the suspect RF wireless signal or strong radiation source are detected, the detector prompts you by pilot light, vibration, or beep. The sensitivity can be adjusted to narrow the detection range.

PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY : This item can check hotels rooms, public bathrooms, etc... for wireless cameras. Test a few household items for wireless signals. It can effectively prevent eavesdropping, candid photos and personal privacy leaks.

HIGH SENSITIVITY : The device can adjust the sensitivity according to the actual demand. Through adjusting The Potentiometer, it can increase/decrease the sensitivity and expand/reduce the detection range.

NEW GENERATION RF DETECTOR : Our anti spy detector is equipped with advanced chips you can adjust its sensitivity and detection range by adjusting The Potentiometer When it detects the eavesdropping devices or spy camera, the front LED lamp of the detector will light up, and there will be vibration and sound alerts.

UPGRADED RF BUG DETECTOR : It can detect radio wave, magnetic field, hidden wired or wireless camera equipment, 2G,3G,4G mobile phone SIM card bug, GPS locator, 1.2G to 5.8G wireless hidden camera equipment.

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