Security All-in-One, Maximum Voltage Concealed Stun Gun

Offer Price - 2,850
M.R.P. - 3,650
Product Type:
Category: Stun Gun

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a product that is designed be used as a blunt force striking weapon. It is a stun gun.

POWERFUL: 80 Million Volts of stop power with a loud intimidating sound. Offers reliable protection when you need it most.

TOUGH AND DURABLE:New craftmanship ,Good touching.

SAFETY SWITCH: This self defense stun gun nightstick has a switch to prevent accidental discharge, and keep the unit safe from children and unintended use.

Charging tips: When charging, you must turn on the master switch, which is the green button on the tail of the handle, otherwise it cannot be charged. When the indicator light of the charger turns is red, it means charging, when the light from red to green, it means full charge.

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