4 Way RF Splitter/Network Spliter 698Mhz-2700Mhz for Mobile Phone Signal Booster N Type RF Connector

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it is a four-way, wide band, Operating Frequency 698Mhz-2700MHz ,Quad-directional RF signal splitter that uses microstrip technology to introduce no losses while splitting the RF signal into four equal, in-phase parts. This 4-way splitter allows you to drive 4 interior antennas from a single amplifier/repeater/Signal Booster . Because of its ultra wide operating frequency range, the 4 way splitter can be used in virtually any cellular/data band, including 3G, 3.5G, 4G, HSPA, 4G WiMax, 4G LTE, 4G AWS, 4G XLTE, WiMax, and with many other applications in the 698MHz to 2700MHz range. The connectors on the signal-split side are N female, and the connector on the device side is N male, so that you may connect us. the 4-way splitter directly to your device (this connector is removable in cases where you prefer using a cable instead). The Splitter is made up with high quality imported material.

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